Be the Cat. Be the Cat.

Julie Ward repeated the mantra as she stepped through the open elevator doors and out into the comic convention chaos in the hotel lobby. She stood by the elevator looking for a path through the groups of people.

Be the Cat. You can do this. Be the Cat. Head held high with feigned confidence, she walked through the crowd. Most people were dressed in costume, which helped to alleviate the ridiculousness of walking around in a skintight black body suit with clawed gloves and heeled boots.

Why had she ever let Kit talk her into this? Oh yeah, Julie wanted to get over her fear of crowds and according to her best friend, Kit, coming to this comic convention was the best way to desensitize herself.

Speaking of Kit. Where was she? The plan was to meet up and go over plans for the day.

Be the Cat.

Julie searched the sea of costumed bodies. Where was that blasted woman? The crowd parted and she saw him.

Dressed in a gray bodysuit and blue cowl with matching boots and cape, he looked every inch the heroic do-gooder. The yellow utility belt with its multitude of pouches completed the look. Her arch nemesis, Batman.

Her focus on him, she took a deep breath, squared her shoulders and sauntered forward dodging cosplayers in her path. Be the Cat.

She walked up to him and ran the back of a curved claw in a swirling pattern down his arm. Tell me, Batman, do you have any catnip?

He grabbed her wrist in a gentle grip. Drugs, Catwoman?

She took a step back and smiled. It’s not for me; it’s for a friend. I’ve gone— She wrinkled her nose. —straight.